Aerial photography - It's all about the angles! 

Sometimes sights escape your attention because they have become too familiar to you. However, when viewed from aloft at an elevated, oblique angle, you notice new things through a "fresh pair of eyes". This is what Scene From Above Aerial Images is all about! I deliver stunning high impact low altitude elevated images which grab your attention. (See how I do it using a portable mast or giant kite for aerial photographs).

Using the latest digital equipment, I can place one of my cameras atop a 13 metre telescopic mast or under a giant kite, to create very interesting angles such as shown on the right, or balcony views from a building still only in planning.

There are many clever useful applications for my capabilities, including construction progress photos, unique gifts, attention-grabbing marketing images, special events such as wedding etc., 

A stunning site becomes even more dramatic from a higher viewpoint  

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You will also be pleasantly surprised how cost effective elevated photography can be when using Scene From Above Aerial Images!

Here the client needed to see the view from the proposed fourth floor, of a planned commercial building so the mast was erected on the roof of the existing building. Based on the availability and appeal of the city views, the project was commissioned. See elavated images of commercial properties here as digital camera, elevated images, aerial vista


Balcony view - Kogarah, NSW

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